Mobile Website Design

mobiletestHaving an optimized mobile website design  can really set your business apart from the competition.

With smartphones today, like the iPhone and Google Android devices, having a website formatted for smaller screens can make mobile website design a smoother browsing experience.

Mobile website design is making progress every day as more and more developers launch mobile-optimized interfaces. The great thing about a mobile website design is that it is fundamentally created with the same tools used in custom website design and development.

Providing a mobile website design for phones, along with a full size option for computers, is crucial for your business. There are several factors in creating a mobile website design. Business goals, including mobile website design, should be considered when designing a mobile-friendly website, which is accessible at all hours, and we can help you identify those goals.

However, once the mobile website design is launched the next goal is search-ability on mobile browsers. Compass Website Studio also carries out the search engine optimization of the mobile website design to ensure that it is found easily when the customer is searching for related products or services. Compass Web Studio has the knowledge and experience to boost the website design for your business beyond the desktop computers to all mobile platforms.

Mobile Website Design – Layout

With mobile internet use set to surpass desktop internet use in the US by 2015, it’s important for all businesses to provide a great user-friendly experience for their visitors, no matter what device they’re on. Responsive mobile website design allows Compass Web Studio to create one website solution that is flexible for different screen widths. The positive thing about creating your website with an integrated mobile website design platform is that there is no starting over from scratch. We build it once, and build it right.

Compass Web Studio can take your company’s existing website design layout and manipulate it into the new mobile web design, without losing original content. Give us a call, and let Compass Web Studio bring your customers to your site on all platforms with a new converted mobile website design.